VP - Carlo Giraulo - Portland, ME Hello Shipmates and thank you for electing to have me represent you as vice president of this fine group. I will certainly do my best to fill Bill's shoes, but suspect that will be a chore in itself. A little about Carlo Giraulo, or as I was known on Rosie, Luch (Little Carlo in Italian). I was on FDR from 10/1973 to 11/1976. I was fresh out of CS "A" school and had just turned 18. I came aboard late one night in Athens and will never forget the welcome I received. I was hustled down to sick bay for a full strip search, including being told to "Bend over and crack a smile." I thought "what am I getting into?" Thankfully, it got better after that! I was assigned to S2 and started in the galley the next day. During my time on board I spent time in the aft galley, Chief's mess, Spud Locker and, the last 8 months in the wardroom. Seems like forever ago, but was very memorable. Many sea stories for sure. Since my time aboard and since my discharge in late 79 life has been good. Today I own an insurance agency in Westbrook, Maine and will be retiring soon. My lovely wife, Jane and I live in Scarborough, Maine. We have one grown son who is married and we are blessed with a handsome 19 month grandson Lucca. Anyone who is on FB with me knows of him. When Jane and I are not spending time with Lucca, we are touring the country on our Harley. We love to visit new places and meet new friends. I am looking forward to working with all of the members and meeting everyone at the next reunion in South Portland Maine. I promise you a great time with many things to see and do. From the Old Port in Portland where you can shop, sightsee and eat great lobster and L.L. Bean to Bath Iron Works to Walker's Point in Kennebunk, there is a lot. One can spend a month here and not see all Southern Maine has to offer. The hotel is also convenient to all major highways. I also want to remind everyone that this group cannot function without our members and their input. Please let me know how we can keep this group the best it can be. My email is girauloc13@gmail.com