Don Savercool, Crossville, TN
Served in X-Div 1951-52
He is survived by his wife Shirley.
He died peacefully the morning of August 14, 2017

Robert R. Moore, Roy, Utah
Served in V-6 Div 1956-58  Died August 4, 2017

He is survived by his wife Nanette.

Gary R. Ulrich, St Louis, MO
Served aboard USS FDR in VF-14 1958-60
passed away July 13, 2017

Randy Scallan of Willis, Texas Died Jan 15, 2017
Served aboard USS FDR in W-Div from 1968-1972
Survived by his wife Liz

Rest in peace shipmates

Pete Marmorato, King's Park, NY
Served aboard in A-Div. from 1966-68  Died Sept 2017
 Served aboard USS FDR in A-Div 1966-1968

Milford G. Richey, Mesa AZ  Died Sept. 25, 2017
Served aboard USS FDR 1946-48 Survived by Wife Becky

Charles Scholtes, Milford, PA  Died Jan. 2017
Served on USS FDR Supply Div. 1945-46 Plankowner Survived by Wife Margret

Ronald C. Phillips Jacksonville, FL, age 73
Died February 11th, 2018
OI Div 1964-67 Survived by wife, Paula

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

Ronald Reece, Richmond VA  Died Dec 13, 2017
FDR 5Th Div. 1948-1952 Survived by Wife Marion

Wayne Edmunds, Benson, AZ
Served in V-2 Div 1964-67
Survived by Marion Edmunds

CDR Howard Dyer, Clinton, TN (Past Pres. of USS FDR Reunion Grp.) Eng. Div 1965-69  Died Feb. 8, 2018 Survived by Wife Anna Kate

                    John McCullough of Providence, RI                           FDR Supply Div. 1970-72  Died June 15, 2013

John "JJ" Molloy EM1, Ferndale, MI
Died Feb 20, 2017 E- Div 1956-58

Russell Relyea, New Port Richie, FL  Died July 17,2018
E-Div 1945-1946 (Plankowner) Survied by Wife Joan


Eric C Plourde, Bristol, CT  Died February 9, 2018
USS FDR 1963-67 4th Div. Survived by three children

Roy Huenfeld, Clermont, FL  Died March 21, 2018
Carrier Air Service Unit (CASU) 27 1945-1946 (Plankowner)
Will be buried in Wyoming

Don Phillips, Vallejo, CA , CA  Died Mar 24, 2018
CR Div. 1967-69  Survived by wife Lang

Thomas McHugh Cranford, NJ  Died Apr 9, 2018
M-Div 51-53  Survived by Wife Amy

Roland Phillips, Jacksonville, FL  Served aboard in OI Div 1960-61 Survived by Wife Paula

Rest in peace shipmates

Rudy Arnold, Lacon, IL  Died June12, 2018
S-3 D2iv 1958-62

Edward James Bried, Wilmington,DE  Died April 29, 2015

Edward "Eddie" Edwards, Georgetown, SC
Died 2 Jun 2018 4th Div 1966-68 Survived by Wife Susan

Edward  Soldano, Bellevue, OH V-1-Div 1951-54  Survived by Wife Joanne

          Ken Holm, Kosciusko, MS  Died June 11, 2018                   V-6 Div  1966-68

Commander David Bernard Tullgren, Jr., USN (Retired) Machias, ME  passed away on June 1, 2018 

Bob Doyle FTG2 Oceanside, CA  Died Oct. 3, 2018          Fox Div 1965-67

Rest in peace shipmates

Ed Smith (Smitty), Bay City, TX  Died Oct. 3, 2018           AMH2 VF-41 Black Aces 1970-72 Survied by wife Shirley

        George E. Ruhl,  Lebanon, PA  Died May 31, 2018      A-4 1958-61

Charles Comer, Morgantown, WV  Died August 13, 2018    F-Div. 1958-52

Ronnie Erwin DeLatte,  Pensacola, FL passed away    peacefully on May 22, 2018   Survived by Wife Alene         OI Div 1970-74

Dan Funderburg, Trout Lk Township, MI Died Nov. 22, 2018 CR Div 1965-68

Larry Dodson, - Pittsburgh, PA, OI div, 1965-68

William "Bill" Brownell, Livermore, CA
Disbursing Officer 1948-49 Survived by Wife Lena

Rest in peace shipmates

 Michael Schmitt, Jacksonville, FL  Died Nov. 27,2018      CR Div. 1964-66 Survied by Wife Darlene

  Patrick Connolly, Hershey, PA Died Feb. 24, 2019           Flag Div. 1949  Survived by Wife Rosemary 

Henry "Hen" Taylor, Murrels Inlet, SC  Died Mar. 5th, 2019 Aboard FDR 1956-59  Formerly of Kingsport, TN

       Richard Gray,  Pensacola, FL  Died Sept. 10,2018         OINC Helo Dept. 1960-1961

             Bob Boyd, Barnegat, NJ Died  Dec. 1, 2018              OE Div. 1962-64  Survived by Wife Kathie

          John Douglas, Colchester, Vt  Died Dec. 5th, 2018            W-Div. 1959-62  Survived by Wife Linda

Rest in peace shipmates

       John Pfizenmayer, Longs, SC  Died Nov. 15th, 2018          V-4 Div. 1956-58  Survived by Wife Carol

John Fred Rathburn passed away March 23, 2019       Served aboard FDR 1955-1958

  Alvin Clark Wagner, Readfield, ME  Died Oct. 4th, 2018    M-Div 1945-1946  Survived by Wife June

            Ed Cole, Gettysburg, PA  Died April 5th, 2019               OP Div. 1959-61.  Survived by Wife Janet

          Fred Burgess, Ocala, FL  Died May 5th, 2019             E-Div. 1961-63.  Survied by Wife Michell

      Pete Gutschneider, Holly Springs, NC  Died May 27, 2019                 OI Div. 1966-68.  Survived by Wife Julie

Ed Farren, Hilton Head Island, SC  Died May 26, 2019 Survived by Wife Jeri



Rest in peace shipmates

     James Counter, Rhinelander, WI  Died May 30, 2019        OC Div. 1973-73.  Survived by Wife Vivian

      William Tupper, Cheboygan, MI  Died Jan. 12, 2019            A Div. 1948-52.  Survived by Wife Karen

      Willard Rooney, Wheaton, IL  Died June 14, 2019        Ship's Service Div 1955-1958

     Jerry Batton, Virginia Beach, VA  Died Aug. 9, 2019             OI/OPS Div. 1964-1968  Survived by Wife Mary

       Glenn Scott, Big Spring, TX  Died Aug. 19, 2019              VA-172 1971-1973 Survived by Wife Vicki

  Lionel Hemmons, Palmdale, CA  Died Sept. 6, 2019     Photo Lab 1958-1960  Survived by Wife Louna

    Harry Hughes, Jr, Tumwater, WA. Died Sept. 9, 2019       V4-Div. (late 60's-early 70's) 

Rest in peace shipmates

Allan Eisenecker, Stockhosm, NJ  Died Sept. 5, 2019
M-Div 1952-54  Survived by Wife June

Daniel Richardson, Corpus Christi, TX  Died Dec. 25, 2015   OE Div. 1971-1973

        Richard Arlington, Stuart, FL  Died Nov. 9, 2019            OI-Div 1960-63  Survived by Wife Joanna 

Burr Frederick Johnson, Spokane, WA  Died June 15, 2008 VO Div 1969-1972

         Jack Colwell,  Alma, NY  Died Sept. 25th, 2019           S-2 Div. 1965-1968  Survived by Wife Betty

     Allan Peterson,   Owatonna, MN  Died May 5th, 2017            V40/VF-75   1945-1946 

           Phil Schenk, Sarasota, FL  Died Sep. 18, 2019                         5th Div.  1959-61 Survived by Wife Kathleen   

    Gordon Sandgren, Fairport, NY  Died Feb. 22nd, 2020          OE Div. 1962-1964  Survived by Wife Jane

         Fred Tuzzolino, Clark, NJ  Died March 11th, 2020              V-3 Div. 1960-1962  Survived by Wife Frances

  Richard (Dick) Rosier, Daleville, AL  Died Apr. 29, 2019     V-2 Div 1957-59  Survived by Wife Mary

Robert "Pete" Bryson, Green Coral Springs FL  Died     April 2, 2020  VA-64  1972  Survived by Wife Rachel

Leonard Edward Bickford, Casco ME  Died Apr. 2, 2017  6th Div. 1946-1948  Survived by Wife Dorothy

        Randy Elkins, Ashboro, N.C.  Died Apr. 29, 2015          1st Deck Div. 1970-74  Survived by son Stevie

     John Dennison,  Mt. Clare, WV,  Died Oct. 28, 2019         M-Div. 1964-68  Survived by Wife Elwanda

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

 VADM Crawford Alan Easterling,  Jacksonville, FL  Died       October 19th, 2019.  Capt. FDR 1974-1976  Survived by wife Beverly

Manuel Barrientos,  Irving, TX  Died Apr. 27, 2020
4th Div. 1967-1968

Jim Fields, Died May 24th, 2020  Served aboard from 


Douglas (DRPEW) Walblay  Ft Mill, SC  Died May 27, 2020  OPS Div. 1957-60  Survived by Wife Beverly

  Dennis "Tim" Holt,  Concordia, KS  Died June 26, 2020         OP Div. 1958-59  Survived by Wife Wendy

Peter Norris, Tiffin, OH  Died Dec. 27,2019  VA-72 1966-68 Survived By Wife Chistine

        Ronald J Huml, Dover, NH  Died May 21st 2019         S-1 Division 1948-1950

William Markel,  York, PA   Died March 17, 2020               G3 Div. 1951-54  Survived by Wife Lois

Dave VanKirk,  Rochester, MN  Died Aug. 21st, 2020
E Div.  1958-60  Survived By Wife Randa

James Reinhold, York, PA  Died Aug. 11, 2020
R Div 1948-50  Survived by Wife Carol
William (Bill) Phillips, Lake City, FL Died Aug. 22, 2020   Air Dept. 1960-64  Survived by Wife Ann Elizabeth

Raymond E Carlson,  Singlehouse PA   Died Sep21, 2020  Served Aboard FDR 1948

Harold D. (Doug) Long, Jacksonville, FL Died Apr. 29, 2019
IM2  1970-71  Survived by Wife Sherri

Rest in peace shipmates

Robert Johnson,  Hastings, MN  Died Apr. 27, 2020
A-Div. 1955-59  Survived by Wife Janice

  Martin A. Kasacjak, Leechburg PA  Died Apr. 23, 2020      B-Div.  1952-1953

Alphonse E."Alphie" Chesnick, Kearney NJ  Died Apr. 17, 2020  V-2 Div.  1952-1955

           Larry Brannon,  Nitro, WV  Died Dec. 23, 2019                        V-2 Div. 1951-1953  Survived by Wife Reba

Clifford "Chip" Bennett,  Waverly, NY  Died Aug. 15, 2020 4th Div. 1966-1968  Survived by Wife Gera
    Glenn Linneman, Clifton Park, NY  Died Oct. 27, 2020          V-1 Div  1970-1971  Survived by Wife Linda

       Alfred "Al" Shaw, Tuscon, AZ  Died Oct. 12, 2020       V-2 Div.  1957-58  Survived by Wife Lynda


Rest in peace shipmates

    Gordon Thumudo, Tavares, FL  Died Dec. 21, 2020         Fox Div. 1960-63  Survived by Wife Maddy 

Duane Block, Lenoir City, TN  Died Dec. 27, 2018
OP Div/Chaplain 1949-1951

Jay Dahlgren,  Orangeburg, SC  Died Dec. 22, 2020
CT Det 52-54

George F. Neilson, Jr., Macon, GA  Died Jan. 19, 2021
B Div 1971-75  Survived by Wife Malessa

           James Stanek, Mentor, OH  Died Mar. 3, 2020             Marine Det. 1960-62  Survived by Wife Nancy

             Ed Van DeCar, Maxatawney Township, PA                           V-4 Division 1969-71  Survived by Wife Donna

      Harvey L. Batten, Cherokee, IA  Died Feb. 13, 2021                             M-Div 1951-54  Survived by Wife Edna

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

     George MacGregor, Brooklyn, NY  Died Feb. 6, 2021          V-4 &V-6 Div. 1959-62  Survived by Daughter Lori Ann

              Verlen Kelly,  Dewey, IA   Died Feb. 5, 2019                                                 F-Div. 1946-1950                

  Carl "Wayne" Geary, Crystal River, FL  Died May 5, 2021                    M-Div. 1967-69  Survived by Wife Judy

 James Conroy, High Bridge, NJ  Died May 28th, 2021      VF-14 1964-66  Survived by Wife Kathleen

Francis Goetz  Salem, OH  Died Dec. 10, 2020   R-Div  Possibly early 70's

             George Dorn, Kodak, TN Died July 6, 2021             X-Div./Champalin 1951-52  Survived by Wife Arlene

Merald "Woody" Woods  Jacksonville, FL 
Died Mar 20, 2020  VF-173  1960-1961


Capt. Everett Rollins, Jr. Glendale, AZ  Died Aug. 22, 2021
Commanding Officer 6/77-10-77  Survived by wife Regina