Don Savercool, Crossville, TN
Served in X-Div 1951-52
He is survived by his wife Shirley.
He died peacefully the morning of August 14, 2017

Robert R. Moore, Roy, Utah
Served in V-6 Div 1956-58 Died August 4, 2017

He is survived by his wife Nanette.

Gary R. Ulrich, St Louis, MO
Served aboard USS FDR in VF-14 1958-60
passed away July 13, 2017

Randy Scallan of Willis, Texas died Jan 15, 2017
Served aboard USS FDR in W-Div from 1968-1972
Survived by his wife Liz

Rest in peace shipmates

Pete Marmorato, King's Park, NY
Died Sept 2017
 Served aboard USS FDR in A-Div 1966-1968

Milford G. Richey, Mesa AZ
Died Sep25, 2017
Served aboard USS FDR 1946-48
Survived by wife Becky

Charles Scholtes
Milford PA
Died January 2017, Survived by wife Margaret
Served on USS FDR 1945 (Plank Owner) - 1946

Rest in peace shipmates

Rest in peace shipmates

Ronald Reece Richmond VA Died Dec 13, 2017
FDR 5Th Div. 1948-1952
Survived by - Marion Reece

Wayne Edmunds
Benson, AZ
Served in V-2 Div 1964-67
Survived by Marion Edmunds

CDR Howard Dyer (Past President of the USS FDR Reunion group) Died Feb. 8, 2018

                    John McCullough of Providence, RI                           FDR Supply Div. 1970-72  Died June 15, 2013

Ronald C. Phillips Jacksonville, FL, age 73
Died February 11th, 2018
OI Div 1964-67  Survived by wife, Paula

Eric C Plourde, Bristol, CT  Died February 9, 2018
USS FDR 1963-67 4th Div. Survived by three children

Roy Huenfeld, Clermont, FL Died March 21, 2018
Carrier Air Service Unit (CASU) 27 1945-1946 (Plankowner)
Will be buried in Wyoming

Don Phillips, Vallejo, CA , CA died Mar 24, 2018
CR Div. 1967-69  Survived by wife Lang

Thomas McHugh Cranford, NJ  Died Apr 9, 2018
M-Div 51-53  Survived by Wife Amy

Rest in peace shipmates

Rudy Arnold, Lacon, IL  Died June12, 2018
S-3 D2iv 58-62

Edward James Bried, Wilmington,DE  Died April 29, 2015

Edward "Eddie" Edwards, Georgetown, SC
Died 2 Jun 2018 4th Div 1966-68 Survived by Wife Susan

John "JJ" Malloy EM1, Ferndale, MI
Died Feb 20, 2017 E- Div 1956-58
Died 20 Feb 2017