This area will contain helpful computer hints and answer any questions you might have (send your questions to Webmaster).  It is actually pretty rare to get an actual "virus" on your computer.  Most of the time you will get malware which slows the machine down, changes your search provider, causes popups, etc.  Many of this type of thing is caused by unreputable companies often claiming to be from Microsoft; they may even call you on the phone and tell you your computer has a virus.  DO NOT believe them!  Microsoft will NEVER call you unless you have contacted them first about an issue you are having. 

Above all NEVER let one of these companies gain remote control of your computer as they will do one of two things.  Either steal your information (bank account, credit card, social security number, etc.) or try to convince you they need to "clean" the infection from your computer (which they put there in the first place).  Once you find out they want several hundred dollars to clean the machine and you tell them "no" some of them will disable your operating system (Windows 7, 10, etc.) so the next time you start your computer it won't bootup. 

Download MALWAREBYTES which will scan and remove most malware from you computer.  Note: the free version is truly free just ignore their efforts to get you to upgrade to the pay version and don't accept the "trial version" if offered when you install it.  Secondly, clean your browsers history, cookies, etc.  Refer to THIS PAGE for info on how to clean your browser.

If one of these malicious websites "locks" your computer up hold down the ALT and CTRL and DELETE keys all at the same time.  This should open a blue screen.  Select "Task Manager" and "End task" for whatever browser you are using such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. 

G.J. Thumudo has brought "phone spoofing" to our attention.  CLICK HERE to see this (originally broadcast on NBC Nightly News).

Oct. Tip: Please be careful with email messages that appear to be from someone you know asking you to either send money or personal information.  ANY email address can be "spoofed" and appear to be coming from someone you know.  This happened to me just last week and I nearly fell for it.  If you suspect this please check the "header" info of the message which will actually show where the reply to the message is going.  Please Google how to find "header information" for what ever service you use for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.