SECRETARY Gary Fisherbaugh, Parker CO I reported aboard FDR in November 1960. I was assigned to OC Division as an air controller striker. One day, my division officer, Lt Kelly, took me flying. The Co-Pilot, gave me his seat, and Lt Kelly asked if I'd "like to fly it." Mr. Kelley said I had a "natural ability to fly." In June 61, I left FDR for AC "A" School. After A School I was in Hawaii for the rest of my active duty. While there, I joined an finished the reunion in the black, thanks to the quantity of items for auction and the 50/50 raffles. Thanks to Bill (who did so much preparation and Phil Dyer (who helped at check-in and the raffles). aero club and earned my private pilots license. After active duty, I joined the aviation program at Ohio State. Later, I leased an aircraft to teach students to fly. One day, my future wife, Susan, came to me to learn to fly. We dated and were married 53 years ago last April. We have two daughters, and a total of 4 grandkids. I kept flying, eventually flying for 44.5 years. I'm looking forward to being your secretary. Let me know how I'm doing!