I grew up in Rockford, IL. I joined the Navy late in 1974, in the delayed entry program. Wintertime in northern Illinois can be rather cold at times and was hoping to go to Orlando. I was delayed right into January and ended up at Glakes (burr).  I “tested” prior to entry and someone decided that I was qualified to work on aircraft hydraulic systems and was sent to NATTC Memphis for AMH “A” School. Just prior to graduation I received orders to “Rosey”. I spent a short time in the TAD barracks in Mayport, waiting for the Ship to return from the “Med”. My first experience, like most of us, with the fleet was a taste of mess cooking. Then on to AIMD, IM-2 division. I was in the Hydraulic shop until the summer of 76, when I went on to the COD crew. I remained a part of that crew until Rosey made the trip from Mayport to Portsmouth, VA for begin the decommissioning process. In October, 77 I was sent across town to NAS Norfolk and assigned to HM-12, an airborne mine sweeping squadron. I finished my enlistment and moved back to Illinois.