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There is enough interest in the St. Augstine trip for us to secure a 2nd bus, so now there is no waiting list;  plenty of seats are available.

July 6th will be the last date to get pre-ordered T-Shirts (although there will be some extra ones available at the reunion).

FDR Shipmates:


What a crazy year!


The FDR Reunion in Jax, originally scheduled for June 2020, postponed to November 2020, is now FINALLY scheduled for July 28-31, 2021. The Board has unanimously elected to keep that date!


On Feb 18, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Dr. Marty Makary), reported in The Wall Street Journal, that Covid cases are "plummeting much faster than experts predicted," down 77% in the past six weeks. Makary expect Covid will "be mostly gone by April, allowing Americans to resume normal life.  READ ARTICLE  All of us have either had our COVID 19 Vaccination or are in line to do so.


There is no question that anyone in our age group who wants a vaccination will not have a chance to do so in the coming weeks. That'll give a month or more to let those little antibodies complete "antibody boot camp" and be ready to give us our maximum immunity!


Our decision to go ahead represents a financial risk on the part of the organization. 

Right now, we have about 50 people signed up.  We need double that to break even. 

Here's what I ask of you:


1)  DECIDE TO COME - The Reunion Reader has the full itinerary. Look it over; 

2)  MAKE A HOTEL RESERVATION - Our block is 75 rooms and we need to occupy 55 rooms to get the hospitality suite, etc. for no charge 



If something comes up that you cannot come, you will get a full refund up to June 25. (We need to pay for buses, meals, etc. a month prior, so after June 25, refund may be pro-rated.)


The complete itinerary and all the forms, etc. are on our website:



We have some great stuff lined up

-  A visit to the newly renewed USS FDR Memorial ay Naval Station, Mayport

-  A pig roast and luau with Polynesian dancers at the club at NAVSTA

-  A road trip to St Augustine

-  An exciting business meeting!

-  An Italian Feast Saturday evening with dancing afterwards!


Please make a commitment as soon as you can.

We need to see the room list and reservations list grow!



On behalf of your officers

Bob Siefker, President

USS FDR Reunion 


It's less than TWO months before we gather for the FDR Reunion in Jax.

Last month, I shared a few details. (If you didn't get that email, let me know and I'll send it.)

(I'll plan on doing this next month as well)

First of all,

Wednesday, July 28, registration will open at noon. Even if your room isn't available quite yet, come on down! If you are there a little early, come on down and help us set up! A few things are important enough that I'll repeat them - bear with me!

- We'll have everything all sorted out and have your name tags, schedule of events, and other stuff in your packets Check In tables will be in the passageway outside the "Ready Room," i.e. hospitality suite where.

- Name tags are important since none of us knows everyone, so please wear it. Your trip and banquet "tickets" will be built in so you won't have to worry about losing tickets or sweating long lines - but you will need your name tag!

- The Ready Room will be stocked with snacky stuff and soft drinks. In 2018 the membership voted to not furnish alcoholic beverages. However, you are welcome to bring your own libations into the Ready Room at your own discretion.

- Pizzas and breadsticks welcome reception in the Ready Room will kick off at 5 p.m. There is no charge for the reception.

- Bring stuff for the Silent Auction - Lots of stuff will be offered including some keepsakes from the 2019 Three Sisters Reunion in San Diego.

Thursday, July 29 - We'll load up the school buses (way cheaper than full motor coaches) for Naval Station Mayport.

- Memorial Plaza is just inside the gate (shows up on Google Maps as USS Stark Memorial).

- We'll have 50 chairs for those who need them most! So, if you are reasonably able bodied, leave the chairs for those who really need them.

- It'll be July at high noon, so put on sun block, wear a sunhat, use an umbrella, whatever it takes. We'll have a couple of cases of water. We will honor our departed shipmates with a ceremony and see the newly renovated FDR Memorial.

- If you have base access (retired ID card), you are welcome to drive, but may have to walk a little bit since the parking lot right next to the Memorial Plaza is small and busses get first dibbs! If you decide to drive, let us know so we don't end up with too many busses.

- The Luau will be in the Ocean Breeze right on the beach (next to the Navy Lodge). The meal will be pulled pork. When everyone is done eating, we'll have a delightful team of Polynesian dancers perform for your pleasure (still indoors)!


Friday, July 30 - Today, we take luxury tour busses to St Augustine.

- Professional tour guides will be on each buss and will narrate the trip.

- Following the tour, we'll park the busses at the visitor center and stroll through the Old City. Lunch is on your own.

- Rendezvous at the busses for our trip back to Jax

- Dinner tonight is on your own.


Saturday July 31 - Two important events today

Annual Meeting of Members (9 a.m.)

- It is very important that you attend. This is your organization. Your input is vital.

- Feedback from New Orleans was very positive, so the meeting will be open to guests and spouses. However only members may speak on issues or vote.

- Bylaws amendment - we took a clause out of the bylaws which staggered the terms so that roughly half the officers are elected each reunion. Big mistake! It looked for a while like four or even all five of the current officers might not stand for reelection! Turns out, that's not going to happen, but we need to put that "stagger" back in to assure continuity.

- Officer elections - A nominating committee has prepared a slate but any member can be nominated from the floor. You can nominate yourself. If you nominate anyone who is not at the meeting, you must have something from them stating they know you are nominating them and that they are willing to serve.

- Location of 2022 Reunion and 2023 Top Three poll results will be revealed.

- In addition, there are a few things I'd like to get the member's input.

            - Rosters - do we want to publish those again?

            - Method of choosing our next reunion site - Is the Top Three poll the best way?

            - Anything sticking in your craw?


Saturday Evening Dinner Dance (gather at 6 p.m.)

- Great Menu - Italian based buffet!

- A few folks to recognize for their dedication and hard work

- DJ and Dancing - Your feedback from New Orleans was overwhelmingly positive, so we'll once again have dancing until 10 p.m. Want a particular song played, let me know and I'll pass it along to the DJ.


That's it for now.

As we get closer, we'll continue to fill in the blanks with more details.

Until then, Be safe and Keep in Touch!

Bob Siefker

President USS FDR Reunion

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please just reply to this email or give me a call at 317 289-8489.


*Download the Reunion Reader from our website www.ussfdrcv42reunion.com

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New cut-off date for Jax T-shirts is now Jun 1, 2021; don't miss out!

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2021 FDR Reunion will be July 28th-31st. We will be at the Southbank Hotel Jacksonville Riverwalk Jacksonville, Fl. This hotel is on the river near the Double Tree.


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                              47 year old note discovered in bottle          anyone know Bob Klein   ?                      Read the Note

Bob served in VA-215 in 1970; does anyone rember him?

Two new "tabs" at the top of the page.  "The Legal Stuff" which has Minutes, By-Laws, and Treasurer's Reports. "Computer Corner" has useful information many may find helpful.  I've also rearranged the Reunion Photos by year which makes them easier to navigate.

Two of our shipmates have been kind enough to share stories of their adventures while aboard Rosie.

Len Gaffga's Stories are HERE and Skip Moyer has sent us a story HERE


Gary Weber VA-15 1963-1964 Cashton, WI
Don Chandler (Wife Kim) S-3 Div. 1969-1971 Milford, OH
Darrell Peveto (Wife Judy) CR Div. 1966-1967 Jacksonville, FL
James Smith (Wife Rosemary) W-Div. 1971-1973 Pineville, LA
Kenneth Reager (Wife Suzan) CR Div. 1066-1968 Canton, GA
Patrick Hoover (Wife Penny) W-Div. 1972-1972 Wilmington, NC
Clarence Walker (Wife Joyce) 1966 Jacksonville, FL
Curtis Rauss (Wife Sandra) VA-172 1964-65 Leewes, DE
Martin Gonzalez Weps Dept./G-Div./InActShipsFacility 1976-77 Boynton Beach, FL
Jim Dibilio (Wife Beverly) W-Div. 1970-1973 Bloombield, NJ
Lewis Jones (Wife Karen CR-Div. 1965-1967 Stuart, FL
Ron Larrivee (Wife Ann) R-Div. 1952-54 Port Charlotte, FL
Dale Strassner (Wife Gloria) OC Div. 1961 Largo, FL
David Huffman (Wife Nellierae) E-Div. 1968-71 Tavares, FL