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Credit card scams discovered by George Thumudo READ  (please note when you click on read it will download the story; click the downloaded file to read)

Paul Ghysels has share a video of a final tribute to Rosie which he found on vimeo.com Check it out HERE

                              47 year old note discovered in bottle          anyone know Bob Klein   ?                      Read the Note

Bob served in VA-215 in 1970; does anyone rember him?

2018 Fall Newsletter   READ

New Orleans T-shirts for sale; don't miss out!

3 Large and 2 size XL $15.00 each /incl S/H

If interested please contact Bob   FDR@indyblue.com

Two new "tabs" at the top of the page.  "The Legal Stuff" which has Minutes, By-Laws, and 2017 Treasurer's Report. "Computer Corner" has useful information many may find helpful.  I've also rearranged the Reunion Photos by year which makes them easier to navigate.

Two of our shipmates have been kind enough to share stories of their adventures while aboard Rosie.

Len Gaffga's Stories are HERE and our newest member Skip Moyer has sent us a story HERE


"What a wonderful week at the FDR Reunion in New Orleans!
Made new friends, saw many old friends, did some neat stuff, saw some great sights. Shipmates share a bond that is like few others. A ship's crew works, fights, plays and lives together 24X7. You win as a crew or your ship goes down!
It's a bond like no other.
Now, 60+ years later, we're older and slower, but we're still shipmates!"   Bob Siefker


It's been a while since I've posted anything about the San Diego Reunion next May. 

This will be the annual FDR Reunion but will be so much more!

What makes this one special is that veterans from all three Midway Class ships will be gathering together in what we believe will be the first ever ship-class reunion! 

Host hotel will be the Wyndham Bayside. It is right on the harbor just 5-6 blocks from Midway. If you have not made your room reservation, I'd recommend you do so - you can always cancel if your plans change.

CLICK                  to book a room online or phone 619-232-3861, select"Zero" to talk to a guest service agent. Tell the agent you're with the Midway Class Carrier reunion group.

Regarding the Three Sisters Reunion in San Diego next May:
We've had more response than we anticipated at the hotel!
The block of rooms we reserved are filling very fast. Once the block is filled, the rate guarantee for the reunion will probably not be available!
The rate will probably jump quite a bit!
If you already have your room reserved, you are good to go and no action is needed.
But if you've been waiting, better get on the ball and make your reservation - NOW!
Suggest you act TODAY, not tomorrow!  Click on the blue CLICK above.

We're still working out costs and details, but this is our latest working document:

Your comments are welcome.

Please refer to the 2018 Fall Newsletter for the latest schedule of tentative daily events.

Costs and exact times for tours and banquet are still being worked out.

SECNAV has been invited to be our speaker - stay tuned!  

During the entire week, your reunion badge will be your pass to Midway Museum! You will be welcome to visit Midway as often as you like.

Spread the news about this reunion to all those who served on the USS Midway, the USS Coral Sea, or the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. You don't have to be a member of the reunion associations of these three aircraft carriers to attend – but you do need to have served on one or more of them during your time in the Navy. Family members and guests are welcome to attend, of course. This reunion will be a truly unique event, something never tried before in the annals of retired naval history. Do Not miss it!
Bob Siefker
USS FDR CV42 Reunion, Inc.
PS: I just made my reservations!
Link worked like a charm.


CAPT USN (RET) Emil G Gram (Wife Susan) OI Div 1967-68 Dallas, TX
Michael Carlin (Wife Peggy) S-6 Div 1965-67 Plymouth, MI
Gary Cole (Wife Pat) R-Div 1970-72 Asheville, NC
Gordon Thumudo (Wife Maddy) Fox Div 1960-63 Tavares, FL
James Tollefson (Wife Doris) 1973-77 Hinsdale, MT
John Ahrens (Wife Cheryl) Fox Div 1956-57
Forrest Hutson (Wife Carol) 2nd Div 62-63 Shinnston, WV
Homer (Skip) Moyer (Wife Linda) VAW-12/121 DET 42 1969-71 San Diego, CA
Daniel Reed VF-41 72-75 Retired AE1 with 20 years active. Mobile AL
Jim Russell OE Div 69-72 Amarillo, TX
Dominick Liccardi (Wife Susan) HC-2 75-77 Las Vegas, NV