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2020 FDR Reunion will be June 3-7. We will be at the Lexington Hotel Jacksonville, Fl. This hotel is on the river near the Double Tree.


Souvenir DVD of Three Sisters Reunion! 

Steve Suslik, a Midway Museum volunteer, captured video and still images of the just concluded Midway Class ("Three Sisters") Reunion in San Diego. Steve has done two previous reunion videos for the Midway Veterans Association, and they have reportedly been excellent.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of this DVD, containing a video of the Grand Banquet program as well as photos from much of the historic 3 Sisters Reunion, please provide the following information to me as soon as possible:  

- your name,

- ship (Midway, FDR, Coral Sea),

- mailing address,

- email address,

- phone number. 

The price for the DVD (delivered by US Mail), with sleeve and 3 Sisters cover design, is $20.00.

Once you provide your contact info, Steve will be in touch to collect the money from you. 

Note: if you filled out a form at the reunion, you do not need to repeat it here.  

Steve needs at least 200 advance orders for the video to be cost-effective for him to produce. (We're under 100 right now!)  

So get those advance orders for him, and in return you'll get a keepsake for life!!



Send To:  Bob Siefker
3968 Honey Creek Blvd.
Greenwood, IN 46143

Len Gaffga explains how to fly military space vailable Click Here to read or Here to watch   

All of the FDR's Flag Officiers are now listed on FDR Stats and History tab at the top.

Credit card scams discovered by George Thumudo READ  (please note when you click on read it will download the story; click the downloaded file to read)

Paul Ghysels has share a video of a final tribute to Rosie which he found on vimeo.com Check it out HERE

                              47 year old note discovered in bottle          anyone know Bob Klein   ?                      Read the Note

Bob served in VA-215 in 1970; does anyone rember him?

New Orleans T-shirts for sale; don't miss out!

3 Large and 2 size XL $15.00 each /incl S/H

If interested please contact Bob   FDR@indyblue.com

Two new "tabs" at the top of the page.  "The Legal Stuff" which has Minutes, By-Laws, and 2017 Treasurer's Report. "Computer Corner" has useful information many may find helpful.  I've also rearranged the Reunion Photos by year which makes them easier to navigate.

Two of our shipmates have been kind enough to share stories of their adventures while aboard Rosie.

Len Gaffga's Stories are HERE and Skip Moyer has sent us a story HERE


Garry Coston VA-15/CVW-6 1974-1975 Bradenton, FL

Walter Glaubitz (Wife Carol) VF-41 Black Aces 1975 Chicago, IL
Harrison Balthaser V-2 Arresting Gear 1956-58 Honesdale, PA
Joseph Russo B-Division 1958-1959 Largo, FL
John Shea (Wife Karen) H-Div. 1975-1976 Bolivia, NC
Tony DePalmer VF-11 1963-1966 Huntsville, TX
James Reardon Captain's & Operations Office 1970-1971 West Jefferson, OH
Gen Dodd OE-Div. 1958-1961 Easley, SC
David Dukes (Wife Bonnie) B-Div 4A Fireroom 1975-77 Los Angles, CA
Daniel Haynes (Wife Elizabeth) CR-Div. 1967-1968 San Diego, CA
David Morningstar (Wife Martha) V-3 Div. 1976-77 Smithville, MO
Robert Hawkins B Division 1965-1967 Atoka, TN

FL Mini-Reunion 2/1/2020