Born In the Bronx, NY in 1953, enlisted in the Navy June 1973(19 years old). Bootcamp at RTC Orlando, followed by MM A-School at Great Lakes. This was followed by TAD aboard USS Shenandoah(AD-26), and attendance at NAVNUCPWRSCOL at NTC Bainbridge, Maryland. Departed NUCSCOL in June 1974 and reported aboard USS Franklin D Roosevelt(CV-42). There I was assigned to #4 Engineroom, M-Div. I made the 1975 Med cruise as-signed to S-2 division as a Mess Deck MAA. I was an MM3, maybe that's why I spent almost 7 months on the mess deck, instead of the 3 months most non-rates went mess cooking. Upon our return from the Med, I married HM3 Santina M. Russo, in the Naval Base Chapel on NAVSTA Charleston. I made the 76-77 Med on FDR as an MM2, and LPO of #4 Generator Room, down under the aft mess deck, and Medical. My GQ station was Throttleman in #4 Engineroom. After decommis-sioning the FDR, I attended AC&R School. Following duty aboard another carrier, a DDG, two ASs, an AFS, and shore duty at RTC Orlando, and the Brig at NAS Pensacola I retired as MMCS in 1994. I have 2 beautiful daughters. Currently I am living the dream in Orlando, Florida. I look forward to serving this organization as Secretary, and/or however the organization deems necessary. Respectfully, Brian F. Ryan MMCS(SW) USN(Ret)

Brian Ryan

Secretary- Brian Ryan