From Bob:  Received this note from the Midway Veteran's Association and thought we'd pass it along:"Midway Veterans Reunion Aboard USS Midway Museum. Reconnect with the shipmates you served with on the USS Midway, now the most-visited and successful ship museum in the world, and the pride of San Diego.
Come join the USS Midway Veterans Association’s reunion in San Diego, September 11-13, 2017, with banquet dinner on the flight deck, Wednesday evening, September 13. Keynote speaker will be RADM Mac McLaughlin, USN (Ret.), president & CEO of the USS Midway Museum.
Reunion hotel is the Wyndham San Diego Bayside. Veterans of the USS Midway, the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, the USS Coral Sea, and the USS Kitty Hawk, are cordially invited to attend, as are their family members and guests. Register for the reunion at:

                                                              Midway Reunion Info

It will not be necessary for any FDR/Airgroup folks to join MVA. You would attend as their guest.  CONTACT US  if you need further info.