As stated on a previous page, we are trying to get pictures and history of all of Aerial's dolls, or as many as we can locate. The first to come to us is from shipmate Myron Johnson. Myron writes:

"I have the first doll given away at our Reunion. Am sending a picture of the doll (ed: see below).  made the first 3 reunions. I served on the ship from 1953 to 1954. My rate was RD 3."





The second to come to us was from Mary Jane Metzmeier, and she writes:

"I won won of Aerial's beautiful dolls at a reunion. I'm pretty sure it was in 1995 at Virginia Beach. Her name is Robyn - That is what Aerial named her. I gave her to a great-niece for Christmas that year. She still has the doll in her collection. I'm sure it must be here prettiest one.

Our Niece, Jessica, will be receiving her bachelor degree in elementary education and special education from Indiana University this Spring. We are very proud of her.

One picture is Jessica on Christmas of 1995. The other lovely young lady is Jessica today. Jessica and Robyn both "live" in Jeffersonville, Indiana, now.

Thank you so much for doing this. It is a real tribute to a great lady and her husband."




The next to come to us is from shipmate Alan Peterson. Alan writes:

     “Aerials dolls were all special, both for her and whom ever received them. ….My wife, Evelyn, collected dolls and teddy bears, so it was natural to buy an ‘Aerial’ doll.”

     “….Their house was full of dolls, on furniture, between and anyplace there was room…(possibly 100 or more). They had a large workshop behind the house the size of a triple garage. Aerial had all the equipment for molding, painting, and dressing the dolls…..the dressing, painting, etc., was strictly Aerial.”

     The 5 dolls that Alan and his wife, Evelyn, collected are pictured below. The unnamed Bride Doll is believed to be one of Aerials, but they are not positive (she looks a little like one of our auxiliary officers, Joan Bragg!).



                 Tomboy                       Jenny                    Blondie



      Poutie Pattie                          Unnamed Bride Doll

Editor: Keep the pictures and stories coming. I am sure Aerial would be pleased!